About the Author

I was blessed to be raised in a loving Christian family, for which I will be eternally grateful. As I grew up I was content to be known as a Christian conservative or fundamentalist because I thought Christian fundamentalists majored on the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

As I began to study the Bible and think for myself, rather than just believe what I had been taught, I was no longer happy with this name tag having discovered that Christian fundamentalists didn't always major on the Christian fundamentals at all.

Whereas the Bible majors on God's love, mercy, grace and forgiveness, Christian fundamentalists, while acknowledging these, seemed to spend as much time discussing God's anger, judgement and punishment, and the need to escape them.

So who am I now?

I would still like to be called a Christian fundamentalist because I believe in the fundamentals of the Christian faith as revealed in the BIble. However, I don't wish to be identified with Christian fundamentalism as it is currently taught and practised in mainstream Christianity.

So I have decided to be another CF, a Christ Follower, who majors on God's love, grace and acceptance as Jesus did, and sees God's judgement and punishment as expressions of the love of a Heavenly Father and the processes he uses to bring us into relationship and harmony with himself.

So what am I doing now?

I am a retired pensioner, still have an avid thirst for truth, and am spending many hours of my senior years as a student of the Bible.

I am most interested in discovering all that the Bible reveals about God and his plans for us, both on this planet and beyond, without being restricted by traditional church creeds or doctrinal positions, since mainstream Christianity seems to hold such a variety of beliefs about these things, some of which I am unable to find supported by a correctly translated and understood Bible.

My plan, as I explore the Biblical landscape, is to add articles to the website on a regular basis to informally "report on" my progress.

Having been a mathematician and computer programmer in my earlier years, I hope to pursue this assignment by producing a logical, well-reasoned position that will withstand the scrutiny of any fair-minded searcher of truth.

In August 2015, I published a book called "The Really Good News About God" so that readers might have the tools to consider a more reasonable and rational basis for Christian belief than currently seems to exist.
I hope to publish a second book titled "The Really Good News About Jesus" before too long.

In the process, I trust I will at least challenge website visitors to think about what they believe in light of what the Bible really says when stripped of man's tradition, prejudice and irrational thinking, and to promote a greater respect for God and for the integrity of the sacred Scriptures.

Any comments, encouraging or correcting, will be welcome as I make this journey, providing they are offered in the spirit of God's extravagant grace.

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In 2018, a Facebook page @godsreallygoodnews was created to provide another opportunity to engage with the author and others on topics of mutual interest from the book and the website pages.

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