Prologue Overview

An invitation to imagine our world as a theatrical stage production.

Snippets from the Prologue

We humans have great difficulty understanding the Creator and his ways.
I should know – I’ve spent many years of my life trying.

One of the most helpful ideas I have had in this pursuit is to think of the events of the world as a grand stage production called LIFE.

* * * * *

Let’s suppose that …

God, the playwright of all playwrights, wrote the script for LIFE through which his ultimate purpose for the world, the heavens and the earth, would be accomplished.

He designed the stage and backdrops for the production, and chose the role and character of each of its actors.

God’s Son, Jesus Christ, created the stage, the props and the cast.
He was also given the script and the responsibility to direct the play from beginning to end.

The actors had their roles to portray and their lines to deliver, but were given the freedom to interpret those characters as they saw fit, utilising their individual personalities and acting styles.

During the play, Jesus donned an earth-suit and played cameo roles on stage in several scenes throughout the production.

* * * * *

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