Preface Overview

A recollection of how a home Bible study led to the discovery of God's unfailing love and extravagant grace.

Snippets from the Preface

In my much younger years, I had been taught that all unbelievers in Jesus Christ, regardless of why they were so, would go to a place called hell to be tormented forever.

This seemed grossly unfair to me, but we had somehow overlooked that ethical concern to remain “true to the faith”.
It seemed even more strange that this outcome of endless torment was said to be under the supervision of a God of unconditional and unfailing love.

We agreed that something was terribly wrong with what I had been taught – about the future, about God, or about both.

This was the stimulus that changed our Bible study topic from eschatology to God’s plan of salvation (soteriology, if you’ll excuse a big theological word for it).
That study has grown in intensity for me and has consumed me over the last decade or two.

* * * * *

If you have had no previous contact with the Christian faith, I hope you will find this a refreshing and exciting read.
If you have some background in a Christian church, of whatever variety, I invite you to read and consider what I have written with an open Bible and an open mind like a true Berean (Acts 17:11), as the ideas here will probably challenge some of your current thinking.
They certainly challenged (and changed) mine.

* * * * *

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