Chapter Four Overview

The role that Jesus Christ, God's Son, plays in achieving God's purpose for his creation.

Snippets from Chapter Four

What is Life?
Stating the obvious, life is the opposite of death.
To have life, to be fully alive, has two aspects that match the two aspects of death.
The first is to be restored to our original position, living in harmony with our Creator, and the second is to be restored to our original condition of God-likeness.
And just as there are two aspects to life, position and condition, so there are two stages of receiving this life, one for each aspect.

* * * * *

Jesus solves the position problem and God’s judgement and rehabilitation program solves the condition problem.

* * * * *

We will all meet the resurrected Jesus at some point in our journey towards eternity.
It may be early in our lifetime here, some time later, or even after this life has concluded.
But it will happen.
And meeting Jesus is a life-changing experience.
It certainly was for me and for every genuine follower of Jesus I know.

* * * * *

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