Chapter Three Overview

God's purpose for his creation and the plans he has to achieve it.

Snippets from Chapter Three

God’s unchanging purpose for all of his creation is to bring everyone home.
We can’t avoid it.
It’s the natural rhythm of the universe.
Regardless of the choices we make, the number of waves we miss or ignore or fall from, eventually one of them will bring us to shore.
The surf beach reminds me of God’s wonderful plan.

* * * * *

He had this plan before the beginning of time to demonstrate his love and sovereignty and grace, so he created time and the ages, and all their heavenly and earthly components, to implement it.
Almost like an inventor who, having a bright idea, went about creating a workshop or laboratory, with all its necessary equipment and tools, in which to design and give expression to his new marvel.

God will achieve his purpose over the course of time, having begun in an age previous to ours and will continue and complete it through this age and other ages that are still future to ours.

* * * * *

Isn’t that really good news?
God has a plan to bring everything and everyone in the universe into harmony and unity under the Lordship of his Son, Jesus Christ.
And this will be completed at the end of the ages so that we can all step into eternity together, into the timeless realm in which God lives.

* * * * *

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