Welcome to our Bible Study Page

Our purpose is to explore what the Bible reveals about God and his plans for us, both on this planet and beyond.

Our new book, The Really Good News About God, discusses these in an informal way, and this page provides Biblical support for the positions taken in the book together with additional articles that delve a bit deeper than a book designed for the general public would permit.

Over the centuries, mainstream Christianity has offered a variety of views about such things, which has naturally led to much lively debate.
The Bible clearly declares that God is love, and we are discovering that if we read the Bible through the lens of God's love, a more consistent and rational basis of belief emerges.

This section of the website is still being developed, so you will see "still to come" warnings throughout. However, we will continue to add articles as soon as they are written to keep readers abreast of our discoveries and opinions, and hopefully encourage them to embrace the God of the Bible whom we have come to love and serve.
Even if we don't fully achieve this aim, we trust we will at least challenge readers to think about what they currently believe in light of what the Bible says, and so promote a greater respect for God and his plans for mankind.

So welcome ..... choose a topic from the menu on the left ..... enjoy the journey with us ..... discover the extravagance of God's unconditional love and amazing grace.