Recommended References

"The Really Good News About God" is a popular edition paperback that presents a lay-person's introduction to Christian Universalism, rather than a theological or philosophical argument for that position.

The references below discuss some of the thinking behind the views presented in the book and also address several genuine questions that are often raised when topics such as these are debated.

Hopefully, these will put some meat on the bones scattered through the book and stimulate healthy, respectful discussion by those who choose to dig a lot deeper into this subject.


Several books, websites and/or articles on websites that I feel confident to recommend are listed to assist your further study.

I may not endorse everything that is contained therein for several reasons, the main one being that none of us on this planet has discovered truth in its fullness.
None of us has gotten further down the line than to be able to claim we are truth-seekers. And in that category we will always remain.

So we share our thoughts, our discoveries, our theories, our premonitions, our speculations in the hope that together we might advance a little in our quest.

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Books (still to come)

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Tentmaker -
Martin Zender -
The Evangelical Universalist -
Ray Smith -
Steve Jones -
CU -
Keith deRose -
Systematic Reconciliation -
How God Messed Up My Religion -
The Fire and the Rose -

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