Welcome to the Portal for our New Book
"The Really Good News About God"

Its three main sections are accessed through the icons on the left.

"The Book" opens a new page that focusses on our recently published book, "The Really Good News About God". Its chapters discuss God and his plans for his creation from a lay-person's perspective, rather than a theological or philosophical one. Use this link to read short excerpts from the book.

"The Blog" opens a new window or tab that takes you to our GraceSpace Blog. Use this link to explore and discuss, with the book's author and other bloggers, a range of Christian themes and Bible topics, including the positions taken in "The Really Good News About God".

"The Bible" will, in the next few weeks, open a new page that discusses the Biblical support for the positions taken in the book together with background studies on the Bible and its various English translations.