Purchase "The Really Good News About God"

"The Really Good News About God" by Barry Tattersall is now available in various formats, each with its own ISBN.

ISBN for Paperback is 978-0-9942627-3-8; for Kindle is 978-0-9942627-1-4; for EPUB (the version used by Apple and all ebook readers except Kindle) is 978-0-9942627-0-7.
All ISBN's are the same except for the last two digits.

Paperbacks can be purchased from Koorong (koorong.com.au), Amazon (amazon.com), Barnes and Noble (barnesandnoble.com), and other online stores.
Kindle version can only be downloaded from Amazon.
EPUB version can be downloaded from Koorong, Smashwords (www.smashwords.com) and other online stores.

Enquire about bulk purchases for Study Groups or Church Libraries by emailing goodnews at ibtechservices dot com dot au.